Globalization as permanent war

Only some months ago Europeans were busy discussing EU crisis and the question of Greece, a member-state of the Union, literally destroyed by European governments, European Commission, ECB and IMF, under the guidance of world Finance.

Now, all Europe is discussing the threat that refugees and Islamic terrorism is putting to our societies, while nuclear armed NATO and Russia are one step from the most serious escalation of military tension among themselves, after the “end” of the Cold War. Voters in Europe are shifting massively their preferences out of consideration for these threats and democratic rights all around Europe are once more curtailed.

But there are some extremely disturbing questions. What, for instance, are the relations between secret services of western or pro-western states and those terrorists? Because, as a matter of fact, it seems that the most reactionary forces in the West have a real “profit from the crime”, more real than any gain of the Islamic State itself that we could imagine!
Ok, this is not a proof, ok, it is correct that we should not rush into conspiracy theories, still we can’t become idiots and avoid at least to put important questions, just in order to be politically correct. The price of continuing to be blind to what is happening outside our borders and how it is used inside them, may be the destruction of our societies, of European democracy – and of world peace.  

And of course, if we move from the terrain of criminology into that of politics, how can we avoid speaking of the obvious link between what is happening today with refugees and terror and what US, France, Britain and others have done in the Middle East since 2001, if not after the First Gulf War, that is nearly erasing or helping to erase the main Arab states!
Globalization seems definitely not so “happy” and “peaceful” as described. It is rather revealed as a state of permanent war against nations and societies, against Democracy and Nature, against Man, to put it simply.

Dimitris Konstantakopoulos