Putin’s “geopolitician” on the Greek Referendum

“The Russians are on the side of the Greeks, we will not leave them alone in their suffering, we will help them and give them every possible support. Brussels and the liberal hegemony seek to dismantle Greece. We want to rescue it. We took our faith from Greece, as well as our letters and our civilization. We bear responsibility for the Greek people, who is the historical teacher of Russians, the founder of our spiritual and literary culture. We bear responsibility for Europe and we should be guarantors of its freedom, independence and sovereignty. ”

The founder of modern Russian school of geopolitics and of Russian “neo-eurasiansim” Alexander Dugin, whom the US magazine Foreign Affairs has described, in an article, as “Putin’s mind”, made these statements in an article ahead of the Greek referendum. Mr. Dugin, who does not hold any official positions, is widely considered to have inspired the creation of the “Eurasian Union”, created by Russia with some of the former Soviet republics. Some commentators attribute also to his recommendations the policy of Kremlin in Crimea.

In his article, Mr. Dugin invites Russian Mass Media to be careful and not reproduce the “clumsy lies” of the major Western Media for Greece, which make part of “psychological warfare of the West against Greece”.

Mr. Dugin characterizes the July 5 referendum as the start of “the fundamental European liberalization process from the dictatorship of the New World Order,”, saying that the Greek struggle is, as he says, referring to Russia, ‘’and our own endeavor. ”

The Russian theorist argues that “the European Union, rather than becoming a new, self-reliant and sovereign geopolitical player, with its own agenda, turned into a docile instrument of the global financial oligarchy and the American hegemony. The euro-bureaucracy subdued the European countries to a dogmatic policy, aiming to overthrow the independent national economies of its member -states. European countries (especially the Mediterranean ones, and first of all Greece), which sank on loans, credit and interest repayments (in perpetuity) ended up, amid the labyrinth of this interest rates web, to the expected fate. ”

Mr. Dugin highlights that if the Greek people vote ‘No’ to the referendum, “Greece – and not only Greece, all of Europe, and indeed the entire world – will enter a new era, where the rules will fundamentally change. Some doors will be closed, but others will open – those in Eurasia, in Russia, in the East. This does not mean that the road will be easy. It will be rough, but Greece will win, as well as freedom and national dignity. “No” to the Troika means “Yes” to Greece.”

Mr. Dugin denounces the enormous pressures of “eurobureaucracy” to cancel the referendum and the psychological warfare waged by the West against Greece to influence, by all means, its effect, pressing Greece to accept a “voluntary suicide”. Tsipras, with his decision not to submit to the Troika, but to appeal to the people, Dugin argues, “violated the rules” and “challenged the undemocratic, totalitarian system gradually and informally established in Europe, under which all decisions are taken by the global financial oligarchy, the Rothschild’s and Rockefellers, who rely on “Soros military units”.

The Russian geopolitician asks the media of his country to be more careful when they reproduce Western publications for Greece and maintains that if the Greek people decide to survive by voting “No”, this will be “the beginning of the end of the neoliberal pro-American Europe”. “Today,” he says, “each of us can contribute a lot: we have to try to break the communication blockade of Greece. We must disseminate information to the networks about the real situation and developments in Athens and other Greek cities ahead of the referendum. The Greeks need to understand that the Russians are on their own side, that we won’t leave them alone in their suffering, that we will help them and we will provide every support to them. Brussels and the liberal hegemony seek to destroy Greece. We want to rescue it. ”
And the statement by Mr Dugin concludes: “On July 5 starts a fundamental process of European liberation from the dictatorship of the New World Order. It is our struggle.”

Dimitris Konstantakopoulos