A new Dutch “rebellion” – and its historic importance

by Dimitris Konstantakopoulos

Two weeks ago, the majority of the Dutch voters have provoked big troubles for European governments, the European Union and, also, for the US government and NATO, by rejecting the ratification, by their country, of the EU-Ukraine agreement.

But now, they are preparing an even more serious blow to the forces of “financial totalitarianism” dominating both European national and EU institutions – and also US administration and international financial institutions.

The Socialist Party of the Netherlands, is taking the initiative to collect signatures for a second referendum, on the TTIP this time! Some 100,000 Dutch citizens have already signed a petition demanding a referendum on TTIP. 300,000 names are needed to trigger a non-binding vote on the issue, as was the case with the Ukraine plebiscite.

The Socialist Party (Socialistische Partij) which is pushing for the referendum was founded in 1977 as the ‘Communist Party of the Netherlands/Marxist–Leninist’ and it won 15 out of 150 seats (10%) in the elections in 2012, equivalent to just under 910,000 individual votes. In 2005, this party had played a great role in the rejection of the proposed European Constitutional Treaty by Dutch voters. In contrast to many other parties and movements in Europe, claiming of the “radical left”, this party seems quite successful.

The referendum is not binding. Still no government or parliament can ignore it without paying a huge political cost and without contributing further to the massive de-legitimization of European political elites and the EU.

And even if they ignore it, the idea of holding a referendum is helping bring the attention of the public to TTIP, a treaty which may have colossal consequences for democracy, national sovereignty, health of the population and the environment. Essentially the treaty gives unprecedented powers to multinational corporations and financial organizations to overcome the will of the people as expressed by national parliaments and governments.

We are speaking about a huge “regime change” in the West, both in the United States and in Europe. Multinational corporations and the politically coherent wind of the international financial capital have already an unprecedented influence on supposedly elected national political bodies and the unelected governing bodies of the European Union, other international organizations, official “intellectuals” and the media system. With the TTIP they try to formalize and institutionalize their previous successes.

Modern West was based, at least in theory, on the principle of popular sovereignty. This principle has replaced the monarchic system of government which was basing its legitimacy on religion. The new system was based, at least in theory, to the free will of the people. In order to impose the new regime, the French decapitated their kings. Now, it is International Finance which tries to “decapitate” European and North American societies, in order to impose its own regime. They want to deprive Europeans and North Americans (and everybody else for that matter) of political ideas, political leaders, of any legal means to resist the globalization order and, even, of their states.

They did a huge progress in this direction in the last 20 years – a look to the way most European governments are behaving and on the main mass media of the continent is sufficient to persuade you. Now they want to capitalize on this and institutionalize the new political order, the order of the New Totalitarianism, of the Empire of Globalization.

Look carefully to the images of these desperate refugees from Syria risking their lives to come to Europe. Look to this small child crying “Mama, do not leave. I will die”, as her mother has to be transported to a medical emergency. Study carefully those images. It is maybe your personal future, your personal fate, if you let the forces dominating the world to follow their destructive work, turning all human race into nomadic animals.

This is why this new Dutch “rebellion” bears a really historic significance for all Europe.

April 24th, 2016

published in www.defenddemocracy.press