Scandinavia in NATO: the end of European democracy and independence

By Dimitris Konstantakopoulos

The day of the last Atlantic alliance summit in Madrid marked a black day for (what remains of) European democracy and independence.

Sweden’s decision to abandon neutrality and join NATO essentially marks the abrogation of that country’s independence and its abdication of any independent international role. Sweden was the jewel of post-war Europe both for the great social state built by its labour movement and for the great global role it played in the past, along with De Gaulle’s France. France  also surrendered its independence some years ago, by re-joining NATO’s military integrated structure and by attacking Libya on behalf of the extremists of the US-Israel axis.

The loss of independence and the continuation of the sui generis world war against Russia (and tomorrow China) launched by NATO, however, go hand in hand with the dismantling of what remains of a democratic and independent regime in Europe (democracy and independence go hand in hand, the one being a prerequisite of the other). It is indicative that the Government of Sweden, of a country boasting its democratic credentials, has rejected the proposal to hold a referendum and to give to its citizens the possibillity to decide themselves on a subject so critical for the future of their nation.

Stockholm, like Helsinki, proceeded further to an act of self-humiliation and of dismantling of their internal constitutional and legal order, in order to satisfy the needs of NATO’s expansion. They did that by their agreement to urgently “examine” the Turkish requests for the deportation of Kurdish militants who had found refuge in Sweden, to negotiate with a third country like Turkey their “anti-terrorist” legislation”  and to accept that their policy on arms exports and European defence cooperation be dictated by Ankara!

Such things are unprecedented for post-WWII Europe and foretell a very bleak future for the continent.

Scandinavia and NATO

The NATO propagandists (that is at least 95% of the main media in all western countries, another indication of our descent into totalitarian control of our societies) tell us that all this was done for defensive reasons: the two countries were afraid that Russia would invade them. The needs of propaganda force  more and more foolish assertions. Russia does not have the slightest reason to invade the two countries. If the accession of the two states, which border Russia, to NATO changes anything, that is

  1. a) it makes it easier for the “Dr. Strangeloves” of the West to start a nuclear war against Russia and
  2. b) it makes the two countries top candidates for extinction in the event of a nuclear war, putting them on the first line of the confrontation.

It is obvious that both northern European countries are exposed to risks, involved in NATO’s plans of confrontation (World War) that go beyond them. They will probably be forced to cede bases to the Americans and the British and install nuclear weapons on their territories.

The limited nuclear war NATO is planning, if it ever materialises, means that Europeans will kill each other. As  US President Truman  to-be said at the beginning of World War II, the more Germans and Russians (Soviets) killed, the better.

Europe is running to a precipice, unless…

The post-war Finn politicians, who diligently tried not to even create the impression that they were turning – even on minor issues – against Russia, thus contributing (among other things) to the ejection of their country from the rank of a semi-developed country of regional importance to a global example, were not fools.

Unfortunately, the youngest political leaders in Europe show the characteristics of political dwarves, with the ability to think no more than half a year ahead, or at most of the next election, while at the same time they prove to be extremely amenable to transatlantic calls. The foolishness of the rulers and the indifference/passivity of the popoulations, is leading Europe to the precipice, unless an uprising of the European peoples and societies, laying the foundations of a new democratic, independent and peaceful Europe, friendly to the environement and radiating to the world its example, is going to happen.

July 2022

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