Deutsche Welle and Israel, Netanyahu and Biden

By Dimitris Konstantakopoulos
May 12, 2021

Usually I don’t see TV  news. I did an exception and I followed the English program of the German state television DW at 8.00 pm UTC time (23.00 Athens time) on May 12th.

Crisis periods are extremely useful if you want to understand who is really controlling the media. In “usual” periods, media are provided, by those who control them, with much more margins of maneuver, than during “usual” periods. But their masters cannot let them use such freedoms in cases very important for them. This is why the attentive reader or viewer can understand easily who controls media by observing carefully their reportages and comments during periods of crises. Provided he has access to alternative sources of information, he is using his mind and he bothers to make such comparisons.

In the case of the Deutsche Welle TV news in English (May 12, 8 p.m. UTC), you did not even need to do any homework. The news bulletin has begun with the news about the Gaza crisis. The journalist presenting the news made an effort to pretend being objective. The TV showed us for example one of the three Gaza towers demolished by the Israeli air force. The journalist spoke about an Israeli child killed by Hamas missiles although he had some difficulty to count the dead children in Gaza and he did not have time to be informed about this man, his pregnant woman and their five – old year boy killed by the Israeli strikes. He did not seem to notice that the Israeli Air Force, trying to target the “Hamas terrorists” destroyed the main Gaza Desalination facility, built, if I am not mistaken, with the help and the money of the UN, thus depriving one and half million people of drinking water. As in Germany there is usually a lot of rain, maybe German journalists believe it is not so important to have access to clean water.

But the clue was not that. After having said what he had to say, the journalist invited the spokeswoman of the Israeli Armed Forces to say the rest. I did not count the minutes but I have the impression she has spoken as much as the journalist himself. I was waiting to hear the other side of the conflict, but in vain. No Palestinian spokesman. It came the second news item, which was a new episode of the “war of civilizations”, the attack in Kazan, Russia. Suddenly, DW was in love with Russians.

At that moment a new idea crossed my mind. Maybe the German elite is still so saddened by the horrendous crimes of Nazis against Jews, it thinks it is a proper way to express its sorrow by supporting Israel in applying some of their methods to Palestinians.

Who knows? After all human soul is an abyss.

The example of the DW we used is not a separate one. The same is true of the very great majority of western (and not only western) mass media.

Israel, a hidden superpower and the “War of Civilizations”

What we certainly know and we confirm time and again, it is the enormous, unprecedented influence of Israel, not only or in particular in Germany, but to many supposedly independent and strong states. Such an influence is not corresponding to a proxy- state of the Americans or to a Middle Eastern regional power, as Israel is often described. If we judge by the results of this influence, it corresponds rather to the possibilities of a “hidden superpower”, which is able even to dictate its policy to the “visible” superpower, something that happened in particular under Trump and also with supposedly strong European states, like France and Britain.

This influence is so big very few people want to speak about it. But by not speaking, you are finally unable to analyze correctly all the factors of the situation and thus fight against it. You just see fragments of the international reality. Partial truths serve sometimes only to hide the general picture and confuse you.

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