Ο Μπάιντεν σπρώχνει τον Ζελένσκι στην αυτοκτονία και την Ευρώπη στον πόλεμο

Biden is pushing Zelenski to suicide and Europe to War!

Joe Biden (and the forces which control him, one way or another) is pushing the world to a very serious crisis which includes even a definite risk of a nuclear conflict.

Americans are pushing Zelenski to adventure (or, alternatively, they don’t resist those who are doing it, which amounts finally to the same).

Eastern Ukraine and Crimea are inhabited by a crushing majority of ethnic Russians. Their incorporation in independent Ukraine, back in 1991, was of very dubious legality and legitimacy. Still, nobody has put in doubt their affiliation to Ukraine for more than two decades, until Victoria Nuland (a participant of the group of Iraq war architects around Dick Cheney) and the CIA organized a coup against the Ukrainian President Yanukovitch and also the European Union, which had negotiated previously a peaceful agreement in Kiev.

The aim of this coup d’ etat organized by Americans and some of their allies was to destroy relations between Ukrainians and Russians and Europe and Russia, thus stabilizing the vassal character of European states towards  America.

Now they want a war in Ukraine to stop the Nordstream II project, that is the independence of Germany and Europe in general in the field of energy. Such a war will be a war against Russia, but also a war against Europe. They hope also to enlist Erdogan’s Turkey into this war.

The United States and their allies are accusing Putin’s regime in Russia as undemocratic. They pretend to be the democracies.

But it was the United States and their allies (like Israel) which have armed and used Neo-nazi gangs like the notorious Azov militia. Under the close supervision of their American and other advisors, Ukrainian Far – Right paramilitary forces have resorted to the terrorist tactics they have used for decades in Latin American, like in Odessa, where they have burned alive tens of peaceful demonstrators.

As for the supposed Russian invasion of Ukraine, we should remind some facts. Both Eastern Ukraine and Crimea are inhabited by a crushing Russian ethnic majority. As we said already those regions were incorporated in independent Ukraine, back in 1991, without the consent of their inhabitants and in conditions of very doubtful legality and legitimacy. Still nobody put in doubt their affiliation to Kiev, until after the coup d’ etat in Ukraine and the imposition of a far-right, pro-American dictatorship in Ukraine, the first measure of which was to cancel the teaching of Russian language in those areas. All this has provoked a revolt in both Eastern Ukraine and Crimea.

Because of the strategic value of the Crimea peninsula and of the very real danger of NATO occupying it and thus putting in jeopardy all Russian defense, Putin had not any other choice than to incorporate Crimea into Russia after a referendum. We remind our readers that the Eastern, “socialist” military alliance was dissolved and it was permitted to Germany to reunify, upon the promises that NATO would not extend itself! Now NATO is in the Baltics and wants Sevastopol.

As for Eastern Ukraine the Russian inhabitants of those regions revolted after the US – backed Far Right coup d’ etat in Kiev. Moscow was rather reticent of supporting them, out of fear of beginning a new cold war, which it did not avoid finally. It has refused always to accept the two Republics born out of the revolt of their population into the Russia Federation.

For anybody who has even an absolutely minimal understanding of Russian history and national psychology, it is certain no Russian President can remain indifferent to the sort of Russians living in Eastern Ukraine. If the Ukrainian authorities will attack them he will be obliged to answer and counterattack Ukraine. This situation will destroy Ukraine and it will create a quite dangerous situation in Europe.

Will Zelenski obey the Americans and the international Far Right and attack? Will Berlin continue to obey the American Empire? Will Americans understand that they are pushing Moscow to a position it won’t be able to retreat and will use all the means at its disposal to defend itself?

We don’t know the answers to those questions. Normally, the United States administration should understand it is going to a dangerous impasse. But, as we noticed in a previous article Western planners and politicians do not want to accept the fact we are not living any more in 1989-91 (Τhe West and Russia)

Dimitris Konstantakopoulos

Ukrainian President Rallies Frontline Troops After Meeting With NATO Military Committee Chief

Posted on egories
This morning the Ukrainian English-language press confirms that President Volodymyr Zelensky has arrived on the front line between government troops and the independent Donbass region of former Eastern Ukraine. While there he presented awards to service members and pledged to “remember every warrior who died defending our state.”
Earlier the website of the Ukrainian head of state announced that ‘Volodymyr Zelenskyy is going to Donbas as the Supreme Commander-in-Chief to communicate with the military and support the fighting spirit of the defenders.” That is, he’s gone there in a military and not a political or diplomatic capacity.
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If Ukraine launches a full-scale war in Donbass, Russia will be forced to defend its citizens, says Putin’s deputy chief-of-staff

8 Apr, 2021
Russia will be forced to protect the residents of Donbass if Ukraine launches full-scale hostilities against the region. That’s according to Dmitry Kozak, President Vladimir Putin’s deputy chief of staff, who is himself Ukrainian.
Speaking on Thursday, Kozak claimed that a ramping-up of the conflict would lead to the end of Ukraine, with the Kremlin forced to stand up for its citizens living in the territory of Donbass. In recent years, Moscow has made it much simpler for those living in Ukraine to get a Russian passport, and many have taken up the offer.
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Russia-US ties at lowest point since Cold War ended, says security official

7 Apr, 2021
The relations between Moscow and Washington are currently at the lowest point since the end of the Cold War but Russia is hoping that a constructive dialogue can be resumed, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev said in an interview with the Kommersant newspaper Wednesday.
“The political situation today is indeed unfavorable, the relations between the two countries are at the lowest level since the Cold War ended,” he believes. However, Patrushev underlined that the history of Russia and the US that dates back many years shows that the states “demonstrated the ability to establish cooperation in spite of differences” in crucial moments.
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US considering sending warships to Black Sea amid Russia-Ukraine tensions

April 8, 2021
The United States is considering sending warships into the Black Sea in the next few weeks in a show of support for Ukraine amid Russia’s increased military presence on Ukraine’s eastern border, a US defense official told CNN Thursday.
The US Navy routinely operates in the Black Sea, but a deployment of warships now would send a specific message to Moscow that the US is closely watching, the official said.
The US is required to give 14 days notice of its intention to enter the Black Sea under a 1936 treaty giving Turkey control of the straits to enter the sea. It is unclear if a notice has yet been sent.
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Merkel joins diplomacy rush to avert Ukraine military misstep

April 8, 2021
German Chancellor Angela Merkel joined a growing diplomatic effort by Ukraine’s allies to help avoid a potentially catastrophic miscalculation over the buildup of Russian forces on the border.
Merkel told Russian President Vladimir Putin on during a phone call Thursday that Russia must reverse the buildup of troops in the area of eastern Ukraine to help achieve “a de-escalation of the situation,” according to her spokeswoman, Ulrike Demmer.
While Russia has played down the likelihood of an imminent attack by either side, its heightened military presence around the conflict that erupted after President Vladimir Putin seized Crimea in 2014 risks setting off a renewed spiral of violence.
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Who needs a war in Ukraine?

By  Dimitris Konstantakopoulos
April 3, 2021

In a previous article we argued that we did not see any direct reason justifying Biden’s recent attack on Putin. This attack did not fit also with the views of the US President on the need for good communication of the leaders of nuclear superpowers and of strategic stability. It doesn’t also serve President Biden’s other policies. He needs badly cooperation with Moscow if he wants to neutralize the extremists of the Empire in the Middle East (and their allies inside the United States). Insulting President Putin does not even make any damage to the Russian leader himself, whose popularity is increased as a result of such attacks. It rather hits indirectly Western favorites like Novalny. It is creating huge motives for Moscow to go into the arms of Beijing.
So why, after all, Biden insulted Putin?
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