Germany and the Banks destroy Greece (2010, 2015), now they want to destroy all South Europe!

The article we are publishing below is the third in a series inspired by Costa Gavras’ film Adults in the Room and the publication of Eurogroup’ s recordings by Yanis Varoufakis. It was written before the current crisis of coronavirus.
As we write those lines we don’t know which decisions the EU leaders will take but, if things go as they go, Germany seems to repeat what it did in 2010 and 2015, and which we explain in great detail in our article. Altmaier is becoming now the new Schäuble, sticking to the “anti-inflationary” principles of the Maastricht Treaty, that is to the supreme rule of keeping intact the value of Money, of the financial assets.
But to respect this rule means to destroy Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Cyprus and probably France. If Berlin insists to this policy, it will most probably provoke the explosion of the EU.

The new Holy Alliance crushing Greece

By Dimitris Konstantakopoulos
March 23, 2020

In my previous article I explained how the “bail-out” program imposed on Greece was actually a program to introduce a totalitarian, anti-democratic and anti-human order in Europe. The Greek program was a rehearsal for the all-out offensive of “Market Totalitarianism” against democracy and social welfare state in all Europe, just as the Spanish Civil War (1936 – 39) was a rehearsal for WWII– the only difference being the previous wars were military ones, while the new wars are fought in the fields of debt, finance and politics.

A clearly sadistic personality, German Finance Minister Mr. Schäuble was very successful in promoting and legitimizing the principle “the Debt must be paid, even if that means destroying whole countries.” This principle is valid for all kinds of physical and legal entities, even for states, with one and only one exception: banks. Banks were not forced to go bankrupt back in 2008, their debt was transformed into sovereign debt and their managers were never tried for the criminal offenses that led to the 2008 crisis.

The very nature of the “job” to be done (i.e., destroying a country for the sake of the banks) requires people with the ideology of Mr. Schäuble and his colleagues in the Eurogroup.

The trick Mr. Schoeble is using in order to push his policies (the same one which made him so popular in Germany) is giving to his compatriots the impression that he is serving their interests and not those of the Bankers. He leads them to believe he is restoring the place Germans deserve in Europe and in the world. He is legitimizing the reemergence of the authoritarian, domination instincts that repelled, but did not cure, the post-war occupation of Germany by the Americans and the Soviets, forcing of the Germans into constant repentance, a repentance which did not include any element of “psychoanalysis” or critical examination of the responsibilities of European Capitalism for the tragedies of the 20thCentury, including Nazism (by the way, we should remember that Verdun preceded both the Gulag and Dachau).

In fact, by transforming itself into a mere agent of the international Bankers (many of whom have serious reasons to hate Germany) and by attacking European periphery, Merkel and Schäuble’s Germany is destroying its position as a leader of European nations and a Benign hegemon. The German elites are repeating, by political and economic means, what they did in 1914 and 1939 with the military. All of European history teaches us that only destruction and the enslavement of Europe to non-European forces can come from such a policy.


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